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Dated: June 4 2019

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Houstonians love being from Houston! This huge city is a puzzle of connected areas that have taken on their own personalities through history and progress. Every Houston neighborhood character and personality just like people do.

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The amazing food and culture here did not happen by accident. It happened with the hard work of innovators, investors, immigrants, and creators that lived out their destiny in this city.

Each neighborhood took on the character of the families that lived in them for years. It is their stories that we are now blessed to benefit from as the city grows. It would serve us well as residents to research and remember the stories that created the city. Loving Houston is loving the people that build it both with their hands and with their soul.

In addition to the quiz above, check out these Houston history factoids about the parts of the city that we included as results.

The Heights

This neighborhood is home to over one hundred registered historic places.

Read more here.


This part of town was Houston’s original Little Saigon starting from around the 1970’s.

Read more here.


This neighborhood is home many human rights accomplishments and was the original location of the famous Pride Parade.

Read more here.

East End

Magnolia Park in East End was informally called “Little Mexico” by Houston residents and was recorded as one of the largest Hispanic settlements in Texas.

Read more here.

River Oaks

The large shopping center in River Oaks was the first ever in Houston and may have been the first in Texas. Read more here.

1st-6th Wards

Wards were abolished in 1915 but are still used socially to express neighborhoods.

Read more here.


The Heritage Society Museum is located in this area. They have saved and relocated historic buildings as a part of their mission to preserve Houston history.

Read more here.

Maybe one day we can do a quiz for each Houston suburb! That’ll be a long one. Keep in mind, this is just for fun and the results of your quiz are not a professional diagnoses.

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