What Is Home Buying Hotties

Dated: August 20 2019

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Home Buying Hotties is a program designed to educate and motivate first time home buyers. 

It offers two components to Houstonians. Firstly, monthly workshops that teach people exactly how the home buying process works. Then, a membership series that guides pupils through the process and holds their hand along away. 

With this program we hope to 

  • Release the fear around purchasing a home. 

  • Offer tangible programs offered locally that help Houstonians.

  • Dispel myths about real estate and home loans. 

  • Empower people to reach their goals through hope and discipline. 

  • Encourage our community to move beyond renting.

The fear of the unknown is often what keeps people from beginning their journey toward their dream home. With a road map and a support system, we hope to empower first time home buyers in a way no other firm is willing to do. 

In the workshop, you will learn more about how to overcome the barriers to home ownership. 

Some of the topics on the agenda:

  • Working with bad credit (Yes, it’s possible!).

  • Down payment assistance. 

  • Renting with the right to own. 

  • Proof of income as a freelance.

  • Costs and components of home buying.

With the correct information, we hope to create a safe and fun environment for people to comfortably grow into the homeowner we know they can become!

No one knows better than a realtor how many excuses people make when it comes to buying a home- Especially their first one. Our aim with these workshops is to show people the path and reveal how easy it can be. 

This workshop launch is accompanied by a membership program that brings students into the teacher’s circle.

While the workshops are very informative, one of the barriers to buying a home is a lack of support along the way. Attendees can become Home Buying Hotties right on the spot! This gives them access to our monthly mailer, a customized road map, and live check-ins with our office to keep everybody on track. There may also be applications or paperwork for certain programs that our firm is happy to assist with!

These workshops are absolutely free as our gift to the community. More importantly, they’re also fun! 

One of our goals is to use the strength of a small firm to help people become homeowners and escape from the rental cycle. This personal passion is now coming to life. Any credit score. Any income. Any person. 

Home Buying Hotties is a community that educates and motivates. We teach people that are lost or struggling exactly the steps to take and hold their hand with check-ins and road maps. 

The workshops are in-person and, thanks to the amazing personality of our team, really fun.

Find your workshop here!

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