The Magnificent Bridges Of Montrose Houston

Dated: May 22 2019

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Bridges are inherently magnificent because of their ability to connect people. As is their function, bridges give drivers and pedestrians the ability to cross over water, other roads, or even other bridges.


Houstonians are good friends with bridges due our intricate freeway system. Getting to and around Houston neighborhoods usually includes traveling over a bridge or two. Sometimes they curve and sometimes they merge, but they always get us where we need to go.

In addition to the world of traffic, bridges in our parks and neighborhoods my go unappreciated. These bridges are far more whimsical and are often built with user experience and pretty design in mind. They beautify parks and neighborhoods as well as make our paths more convenient.

Montrose in particular, known for the artsy community and gorgeous homes, features some of Houston’s most iconic bridges. We’ll start with the one that most of us have already become pretty familiar with:

The 59 Lights

These well-designed and visually delightful arches light the way for drivers. This massive installation has been lighting the night uninterrupted since January of 2019. Since its inception, it has been offering the ivy-lined area below with gorgeous glows.

The bridges enable drivers to cross over Mandell, Dunleavy, Woodhead, and Hazard without have to directly intersect with 59. These multicolored lights change over the course of a day and can alternate even in the moment.

You might see green and pink light show in traffic. Some configurations resemble the Texas flag with their red white and blue and every now and then you might catch red and white candy canes, even in the heat of summer.

The Bell Park Baby

On the corner of Banks and Montrose, you will find a pocket of trees and lush greenery. In the shadow of the Museum Tower apartments, Bell Park is a divine oasis from the Montrose bustle that surrounds it. If you look across the street, you’ll even see a Bell Park sign hung on Grand Prize Bar.

Though you might not be able to see it from the street whilst speeding by on Montrose Boulevard, a closer look reveals a tiny wooden bridge straight from a fairytale. Wooden and well-worn, this short bridge lets those walking over it avoid the smallest little stream below.

Sabine Street Bridge

Houston takes pride in its rich role in Texas history. The Sabine Bridge is no exception. This bridge was constructed in the early 1900s. It boasts one of the most magnificent views of Downtown Houston and is a famous hot spot for photography and sightseeing in the city.

This bridge is not just considered magical because of the view. The design of the railing itself has some good old fashioned Houston charm and the old-timey lamp lights that dot the sidewalk also add a romantic touch. Unsurprisingly, this bridge is a registered historical location in Houston.

Rosemont Love Lock Bridge

New York, Paris, Seoul, and London are just some of the cities that feature the famous “Love Lock Bridges”. Houston was added to the list as residents and tourists took a cue from famed bridges like Pont des Arts and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The Rosemont bridge was designed to connect the many trails and paths throughout Spotts Park, Buffalo Bayou Park, and Cleveland Park. The beautiful bridge has its own industrial glow but that’s not all. It offers a great view of Downtown Houston and the canopy above Buffalo Bayou.

What is your favorite Houston bridge?

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