Spring Branch Houston History

Dated: May 22 2019

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Houston is a city surrounded by suburbs that are linked to the loop by quick commutes on the famous freeway system. One of these short drives is Spring Branch, a bustling community that was founded even before Houston itself!

Spring Branch was born of the wild frontier spirit that created so many towns in Texas. Karl Kolbe, a German immigrant, traveled in search of a place to create his family’s homestead. Karl beat the famous Houston-founding Allen Brothers by about six years.

In the tangle of the Texas plains, Kolbe made roots and then a community grew up around him. Not long after this family settled, other German families immigrated into the state and found their home in Spring Branch, Texas.

The original first generation of Spring Branch met other immigrants searching for a better life. He, Daniel Aherenbeck, and Daniel Hilendahl personally invited the Baur and Rummel family into their slice of Texas paradise. These families had arrived in a condemned ship, risking their lives to come contribute to the building of America.

These immigrants are to thank for the beautiful and successful Spring Branch that we know and love today. On the map today, you can see that Spring Branch has been incorporated. When it was settled, however, that spot on the map was just a floating family on the banks of a stream that emptied into Buffalo Bayou.

From those early and humble beginnings, Spring Branch arose. The Spring Branch School Society was founded in 1856 and has since become the Spring Branch Independent School District. Even up until the 60’s, when Houston underwent one of those booms, Spring Branch remained quite rural.

Now, when you move to Spring Branch it is a modern and bustling area full of amenities that offer a reprieve from the fast-paced Houston city without sacrificing any convenience. It includes many subdivisions like Binglewood, Holley Terrace, and Campbell Wood. You will even find a neighborhood named for Spring Branch’s founders: Kolbe Farms.

You can see how far Spring Branch has come since it was a simple farm on the banks of a creek. Check out the neighborhoods with the handy Spring Branch Houston Neighborhood Guide.

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