We Are Giving Away Free Home Buying Resources Every Month

Dated: September 4 2019

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Are you ready to get home buying resources right to your inbox?

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Want to learn more about the program?

Boutique Properties is a real estate firm in Downtown, Houston with a huge heart! We work daily to find ways to connect our community and serve the city we love. 

One way that we are doing that is with our Home Help program, specifically designed to prepare renters to own their first home. This resource notifies subscribers of assistance programs, financial strategies, and housing opportunities in the Houston area.

The Need

We designed this mailing list to fulfill a few sets of needs. 

Firstly, there are renters in the city that want to own property but simply don't know where to start. It seems the current resources online are almost intentionally confusing and impossible to navigate. There is no shortage of home buying resources online, but there is a definite lack of useful resources. 

The other obstacle we saw online when searching for inspiration was that many people wanted to prepare for homeownership but were not ready to home shop. This is actually a really great place to be! Our clients often wished they started getting ready sooner, they just didn’t know what steps to take at the time.

We wanted to find a way to provide education in a concise format that didn’t require immediate home shopping and gave applicable steps to home ownership. Even if it’s in a year or five years, this monthly email is a great way to start the journey to home ownership. 

The Content

There are a lot of programs that most people simply are not aware of until they speak with a realtor. Just one example is the City of Houston Homebuyer Assistance Program that helps with the cost of down payment.

There are also programs in Houston that allow people to lease with the right to purchase. These options allow clients to pay “rent” in a home and then they are they able to purchase the property at the end of a set time. This is a great alternative to throwing rent away every month on a home or apartment. 

Assistance programs like these take things like location of the home, income of the clients, and even the home buyers circumstances into account. We gladly help people navigate the paperwork and see if they qualify so they can take full advantage of what is available to them. 

A major part of home purchase is credit score. Though there are some workarounds for most credit scores, sometimes credit recovery is the best and most effective option. Credit recovery programs are a part of what our firm offers clients. I can take less time than you think!

Our in-house credit experts are dropping knowledge in the mailing list free of charge.Our hacks are a great way to raise a score as long as they are implemented. Sometimes all clients need is the clarifying information and a few months of hard work. 

We have guest mortgage lenders, contractors, and homeowners sharing their stories and expertise. We want to replace combing through click bait online with real-world advice that will actually turn Houstonians into homeowners. 

Sign up: https://mailchi.mp/boutiquehtx/homehelp

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We Are Giving Away Free Home Buying Resources Every Month

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